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There are also regular door-to-door collections of household waste, garden waste, recyclable paper and cardboard, plastics, glass and metals. The city produces an average of 500 kgs of waste per person each year. Of this, 62% is collected separately. There are regular door-to-door collections of organic kitchen waste, glass, plastic bottles, drink cans and cartons. More recent developments include areas for environmentally friendly shopping, promotion of home composting and establishing eco-teams at schools.

The partnership gives information to local marketing strategy citizens on the advantages of recycling and re-use and what happens to their waste once collected. IVAGO has found that citizens are generally quite well informed and keen to improve their environment, and that many householders are meticulous recyclers. IVAGO’s experience in implementing the initiative has demonstrated that Government interventions, including environmental covenants, taxes and charges, etc. , have helped to promote overall aims for more sustainable waste management practice.

Between 1995 and 1999, separately collected waste in Gent increased from 31% to 61%. While the total amount of waste from households has increased from 460 to 487kgs per inhabitant, it’s thought that industrial users of container parks account for this increase. The community of Destelbergen introduced a similar system to Gent in 2000, and the results to date are very comparable. Recent figures for 2001 show a ten percent decrease in fly tipping, which had existed in Gent long before the new polluter pays system was introduced. If so, a red sticker is placed on their bag.

In the first month of the system, 15,000 red stickers were used, but this has now fallen to an average of 800 to 1,000 each month. For the collection of plastic bottles, drink cans and cartons, a light blue transparent sack is used, and collectors can see if the wrong waste has been put in. Where sacks are used householders pay for them, which does present some problems in tower blocks with open access systems. It is not possible for the bins to be emptied if payments are not kept up to date as a red light appears on the vehicle and tipping into it is prevented.

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Throughput volumes across key trades at Associated British Ports (ABP) Ports of Plymouth and Teignmouth were comparable to volumes handled during the first six months of 2002 as the port company s investment strategies for its South-West ports continue to progress. In the first half of 2003, ABP announced plans to invest in excess of 4 million at Plymouth, in preparation for the arrival of Brittany Ferries new superferry, the Pont Aven, which will begin regular sailings from Plymouth s Millbay Docks in spring 2004.Seo Consultant

During the first half of the year, approximately 230, 000 passengers passed through the port, a figure similar to the volume handled during the same period last year. PPC Services Plymouth continues to be an attractive destination for cruise-ship visits and has already welcomed calls from a number of prestigious cruise ships including the 69,000-tonne Grandeur of the Seas. At ABP Teignmouth, the port continues to serve Devon s staple farming and ball clay industries with volumes remaining steady during the first six months of 2003.

ABP s plans for the proposed 4 million reconstruction of Teignmouth s quay will be heard at a public inquiry shortly. The proposed new straight-line quay will create three new berths of 100 m in length, capable of accommodating the increasingly larger ships that are now beginning to call at Teignmouth to service the needs of the port s customers. ABP will also build a new, larger public slipway for the local community to replace the existing Polly Steps, and within the overall development scheme, there are also plans to enhance shed storage space at the port.

ABP is focused on strengthening the future of its South-West ports and developing their business. The current investment projects being undertaken at both ports, coupled with the established customer base both ports enjoy, will provide Plymouth and Teignmouth with a solid platform from which to continue to prosper. There have been a number of other new projects at the port, including the development of a 2.0 million new unit-load terminal which became operational at Immingham in August.

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Fears that the area of land known as East Head is eroding have prompted the National Trust, English Nature, and Chichester Harbour Conservancy to commission a study which will provide a better understanding of the processes which govern the changing morphology of the 140-acre sand dune complex at the entrance to Chichester Harbour. ABP Research & Consultancy (ABP Research) is co-ordinating this ground-breaking study into the causes of erosion at East Head, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC), providing Chichester harbour with a natural sea defence.

The study is being carried out by a consortium of three leading research and consultancy companies ABP Research, Hydraulics Research Wallingford (HR Wallingford) and Geosea . Results of work currently being carried out will be reviewed by a number of established experts in coastal science from academic, engineering and conservation backgrounds, to assist in the development of the sustainable long-term management policy for East Head. We are delighted with the high level of expertise of everyone involved in this highly significant project.

It has been extremely satisfying to see so many experts in their fields working australia seo together. A field survey campaign, comprising detailed bathymetric* studies as well as the collection of sediment samples, was completed in March 2000. The sediment samples will be analysed to establish the directions of sediment transport in the area. This work will be augmented by a detailed numerical modelling study, currently being carried out by HR Wallingford, aimed at illustrating the movement of sediment in response to waves and tides.

These two elements will then be combined with the results from an analysis of historical changes at East Head, to establish an overall understanding of the geomorphological*, sedimentological* and hydrodynamic* regime of the area. Further investigations will explore the likelihood of a breach* forming at East Head and the effects of such a feature on the surrounding area.

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ABP Research is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Ports (ABP), offering solutions for coastal, Between the rising food costs and the falling number of customers, the restaurant folded.Located in custom-built facilities in Southampton, the company provides services based on integrated marine sciences and hydraulics expertise.The three projects, which are located at the port s North Quay, Town Quay, and Fish Market, involved the demolition of a derelict building as well as the creation of new and improved cargo-reception and working-area facilities at the port.

I am delighted that ABP was able to secure the matched funding for these projects, which will enable the port to attract additional business. This will also small business seo help Lowestoft s shipping-related businesses and thereby seek to increase the number and variety of employment opportunities for the town. I would like to express my appreciation to both the Government Office for the East of England and to Waveney District Council for all of their help and support which was instrumental in the success of these projects.

ABP is the UK s largest ports group, owning and operating 23 ports which handle a quarter of the country s seaborne trade. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will today (Wednesday 31 May) inaugurate the new lockgates at Associated British Ports (ABP) Port of Ipswich. The lock will be re-named The Prince Philip Lock, becoming the gateway to the port s Wet Dock and historic waterfront, which is currently benefitting from a regeneration programme.

I am delighted to welcome the Duke of Edinburgh to the Port of Ipswich and thank him for inaugurating the new gates. In the three years that Ipswich has been a part of the ABP Group, the port has gone from strength to strength. Lapsed and lost trades, such as container and ro-ro services, have been attracted back to Ipswich, and in the last month alone two new container services from Libya and Turkey have commenced at the port.