How to hire property valuers in Sydney CBD

Why do I need a property valuation ?

There can be a number of situations that arise in life, where a property valuation is required. This may be prior to buying or selling, to settle property for marital reasons, for the taxation office in capital gains situations, for your lender when applying for a loan (in the vast majority of mortgage valuations, a lender will instruct us direct).

How is the property valuation done?
Our senior valuers make a mutually convenient appointment to inspect the subject property. They measure the physical dimensions of the residence, take note of the fit-out, level of accommodation, condition plus yard and ancillary improvements.

The rest of the research and work is completed away from the property.

Comparisons are then made with similar properties that have sold recently in the vicinity and conclusions drawn.

It is normal for a report to be available for faxing or email on the day of inspection and it is forwarded to you as instructed.

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