My 5 Favorite Tips, Tricks, and Techniques That Will Make or Save You Money When You Sell A Home In A Softening Market

When the hot as a firecracker real estate market cools off, many frustrated sellers are caught without a plan for Sydney property valuation selling their home. If you’ve never sold a home in such a market, or perhaps you’ve forgotten how to navigate through one, the “rules of engagement” are quite different than you’re used to.

Whether they help you make money, save time, save money, or avoid frustration, these tips, tricks, and techniques can be a lifesaver to anyone selling a home in a softening real estate market.

Here are my 5 favorite tips, tricks and techniques to selling a home in a softening market.

1. Hire the “Top Gun”. Throw away the flyers, postcards, and door hangers from the discount commission agents and hire the full service “neighborhood expert” real estate agent. Now is not the time to hire a newly licensed agent or a low commission “do some of the work yourself and save” real estate company to represent you in the sale of your home. I have a saying…”saving nothing of nothing is still nothing.” Translated, it means; if your home doesn’t sell you’ve saved nothing by listing with a reduced commission agent. The extra commission you’ll pay to hire an expert with a history of selling homes in your neighborhood will be easily offset by the fact that your home will likely sell quicker and for more money. Experienced agents who have been through a declining market cycle(s) are worth their weight in gold to you. Remember, if your home doesn’t get sold you don’t get moved and your agent doesn’t get paid, you both lose.

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